Sub Carrie – Personal Blog

I’ve decided to make my blog a little more personal. If you’d like the secret key to gain access then email me to get access to the goodies.

This blog is for anyone whether you have seen me before or new.  If for any reason you cannot send a email, please telephone me, or when I see you I will give you the secret key.

Each story is true and genuine as well as up to date photos that are not on the main site.  I have new photos put up every session that I blog.  You are always guaranteed no air brushing to these photos.  Just genuine CP photos of me!

If you would like to act out any of these scenario’s please contact me by telephone if you are new in the first instance.  If you have already seen me then please email me.

Please note that this blog is not a personal blog and I do not discuss any personal details relating to me or you.  I am discreet and all photos/blog stories are with the clients permission.

If for some reason you have read the blog with the secret key and it doesn’t work.  Please shut down any broswer that you are using and restart.  If this does not work and you cannot get into the blog then clear history and shut down your PC and start again.  This is just a common error by some clients when not logging out. If you get error saying 401 this means you have put the incorrect secret key in, please re submit carefully thanks Carrie x

If you’re lucky enough to already have the key then click here for access

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