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I have the experience and knowledge to take all forms of Corporal Punishment on my naughty bottom.  I only accept punishments on my bottom and I enjoy being spanked and enjoy all different implements from paddles to canes.  I have over 100 implements for you to choose from.

If you have never punished a girl before I can give you a quick lesson before our session.

I can take high levels of punishments with diferent implements please contact me direct for details. Please look at my blog to get an idea of the CP services I provide.  If you would like me to punsih you please look at my Carrie Cane (Head Girl) Gallery.

My reputation speaks for itself.



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Please browse my reviews to find out what clients think of me ; ) I have been praised and reviewed since 2002. Here you will find just a few of my reviews, check my other services for more reviews. If you’d like to share your own review then use this page.

  • 2019-02-25

    When asked, who is the best racing driver ever, Sir Stirling Moss always replies, “There is a pyramid to these things and only room for one at the top.” Carrie is undoubtedly standing at the top of the pyramid of corporal punishment play.
    For various reasons I have followed avidly, but not met with, Carrie for many years. I have always enjoyed her blog and the pictures of her in her many outfits that it and her website contain.
    Finally last week I made the journey from my damp and green homeland to meet with Carrie for three hours in her wonderfully located premises.
    I was met by Carrie wearing exactly the clothing I had requested: the tight pink shorts I have seen her wear in blog posts, white hold-up fishnet stockings, high heels and a plain white blouse. Stunning: a petite, elegant and obviously naughty lady in need of some discipline!
    I prefer a session without role play so we introduced ourselves and chatted before we began our punishment play.
    Carrie is a delight to have over one’s knee and I made sure my my hand was put to good use on that superb little bottom.
    I used some other of the many implements that Carrie has and then, as though by way of retribution, I asked Carrie to spank my penis which she did, exactly as I wished and I enjoyed it far beyond what simple words can convey.
    Our punishment session, via a change of clothing into the sexiest adult school girl I have ever seen, progressed to the cane. I had not used the cane for some time so Carrie assisted me to get my eye in and aim (reasonably) accurate.
    I had not been caned since my school days but asked Carrie to do so. With a light stinging cane and a heavier Dragon she made me almost regret my decision and drew some delightful welts upon my undoubtedly deserving rear end.
    A fantastic time, which I am eager to repeat again. Carrie is warm, engaging and delightful company in every way possible. The time spent with her is intimate, precious and a great thrill.
    Simply the best.
    Thank you Carrie.

  • 2018-09-24

    I have known Carrie now for a while and thought it was time I produced a review. Her apartment is close to the underground station and whilst easy to walk in 5 minutes the apartment is quiet and discrete. The apartment is well spacious clean with 2 well equipped play rooms.

    Carrie is really lovely and very welcoming every time I see her. She has an amazing ability to adapt to any role-play whether giving or receiving punishments. When administering chastisement she always seems capable of judging what is the maximum I am able to absorb and never leaves unwelcome marks. When receiving her bottom is able to take an amazing amount of strokes and even when one leaves it red it restores itself to its normal lovely white appearance very quickly.

    During our recent session she acted as a willing slave and received well over 500 strokes involving hand, table tennis bat, light wooden paddle and a number of cane strokes. The only very reasonable limitation is that her bottom should not be left with any broken skin blood is very unsightly! I do look forward to my next visit to this lovely and amazing lady.

  • 2016-04-11

    Carrie greets with a hug and a smile a cold drink if it is hot, a hot drink if it is cold, even though she knows I will be turning her bottom red and it will sting considerably, after using some of her large array of implements having visited on many occasions it only gets better each and every time I visit, Carrie deserves all the good words she receives, a lady who will take an incredible amount of hard punishment and always comes up smiling she has the most engaging personality, as well as being very good looking. I have no experience of her as a switch, only as a sub but have no doubt she is just as good in that role as well. Top or bottom she is the best I have met in forty years plus of punishing ladies bottoms. (Yes Carrie since I was twenty-one) (65 – 21 = 44 years) \r\n\r\nThank you once again Mr. Mean

  • 2016-03-01

    It has been my good fortune to have visited Carrie on several occasions now, & each time it seems to get even better! Carrie has blogged (February 29, 2016), about my visit as a Tax Inspector, so I will not repeat the scenario here, suffice it to say, her acting out of the role-play was superb. She took a prolonged punishment with equanimity, & then got her revenge by pushing me to my limits, as can be seen from the photo.

    Her hospitality, friendliness, stunning good looks & lovely apartment, have made each visit a very special occasion to savor & remember. Thank you Carrie the Tax Inspector A x

  • 2015-10-23

    I had an excellent session with Carrie as the school secretary teaching me to spank, strap, paddle and cane a girl followed by Carrie giving me the same punishment so I could experience how it felt to be punished and Carrie lived up to expectations and was friendly with a perfect bottom for spanking. She had read my email and new exactly what I wanted from the session when I arrived. A great way to end the week, I will definitely be visiting her again.

  • 2015-08-03

    “I was astonished that after twelve severe strokes of the dragon cane to her bare bottom, Carrie showed absolutely no remorse of any kind and clearly indicated that such punishment was not going to stop her wearing trousers to the office. She was ordered back over the punishment bench and in batches of six strokes at a time, it took a staggering further 48 strokes before there was any sign that Carrie might be prepared to change her mind”

    Carrie is a fantastic sub, with a great personality and a fabulous bottom Patrick

  • 2014-08-19

    I have been lucky enough to visit the lovely Carrie twice recently and feel that I must post another review. These were my first visits since April and Carrie greeted me as always with a big smile and a warm embrace. Our first session was the one with me as Headmaster D blogged on August 7th & 8th August and recently blog dated 17th August. Carrie was brilliant throughout, both in her role-play and in her ability to take her punishment and she was kind enough afterwards to say that she had absolute confidence that I would punish her properly and accurately with each of the implements. As we chatted over a cup of tea I asked if she would be willing to let me really test her in a future session to find out just what she is capable of taking and was delighted when she suggested coming in next Saturday. I could hardly wait.

    I arrived to find Carrie already dressed in her school uniform for a return visit to Headmaster D having failed 9 subjects when resitting her exams. After a drink and an chat she told me she hoped today I would push her limits! Her role-play was spot on, I gave her a warm up spanking first followed by 9 punishments in batches of 20 strokes each alternating with my favourite implements plimsoll, leather strap and cane – first through knickers then on the bare. Even then the punishments were not quite over she suggested the last 10 strokes with the American Wooden Paddle for all the trouble she had caused the exam board.

    Carrie passed with flying colours and after the session she told me that was the most amount this year of strokes in one session. Carrie was still cheerful and smiling as we enjoyed a hug and relaxed over another cup of tea. There was still time to take some photos for the blog as well as the very pleasurable task of putting cream on that lovely warm bottom.

    Thank you once again Carrie for your company, your conversation, your friendship and above all your trust in allowing me to play out such a scene. I really look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Headmaster D

  • 2014-06-05

    Carrie is an excellent submissive, I would not doubt the claim that she is the best in London. On arrival I found her friendly, cheerful, welcoming and professional, and we soon established that I was experienced in administering discipline, and she was willing to take such punishment I intended to administer.
    Carrie is a petite, curvy lady with a bottom that says ‘Spank Me" as clearly as if the words were tattooed upon it! Her premises are as well-equipped as any I have seen.
    Carrie dressed exactly as I had asked, and entered fully into the role play I suggested, even adding a few touches of her own.
    I will not go into prurient detail, but suffice it to say that after a thorough ‘warm up’ her bottom was able to take a surprising amount of firm punishment, then was given a gentle rub to help it recover. We chatted and laughed for a time afterwards, I was not rushed away.
    I juggled my schedule in order to visit her again a week later, and had an equally enjoyable time, discovering that her capacity to take a caning pushed to my limits the firmness with which I delivered it.
    Carrie will definitely be on my itinerary for my next visit to Britain.

  • 2014-05-06

    I have been seeing Carrie for more than 8 years, and although visited many other lovely ladies over these long period, I have always returned to Carrie! The reason for this is probably obvious for those who have met her; she is professional, in all the senses of the word, and she is also a delight to play with, slipping in and out of the different roles I have given her, with great ease and the perfect attitude ;). The last session I had with her, on the 6th of May, (I think it is blogged) we visited some of the old roles played before, but also a couple of new ones. She easily adapted to the different characters and of course took a firm spanking! Since I have a special interest in corner time (before and after spankings) it was a true pleasure to have her in her PJ’s
    Thanx Carrie, I will see you next month, for a longer session ;).
    Professor S

  • 2012-03-13

    First time to see Carrie and what a darling she is. Convincingly slipped into the role and took her 24 strokes with ease with a very hard cane. She has blogged our time together as promised dated 13/3/12 with me as photographer.

    Cannot praise Carrie enough not only did she make me feel special, I loved her character, charisma and she made me laugh. I would employ her in my company she is an asset to the UK and the BDSM scene. Her body and bottom are adorable just like her. Thank you again Carrie, see you in the Summer for some more fun fun fun! you have another fan.

  • 2011-11-19

    I am the particular Master C mentioned in Carries blog from 21st to 25th November.
    I have been seeing her now for about 5 years. I have never written a review of her services before but thought I really ought to get around to it this time.
    If I had to sum Carrie and her service up in one word that word would be fantastic.
    She is always open, friendly and fun. Her ability to accept discipline is quite amazing in my opinion. Particularly if you are visiting her for the first time, she is likely to make sure that you know what you are doing and that any strokes will be delivered accurately. In view of just how hard she accepts punishment I think that is perfectly reasonable and sensible.
    On that note if there is anyone out there reading this who has thought about visiting her but for some reason has failed to take the final step, then do not delay any more! Make an appointment as soon as you can. I promise that you will have an exciting and enjoyable experience and will almost certainly want to go back again.
    She really is excellent! Looking forward to our next meeting already!

  • 2011-07-25

    Having visited Carrie twice before, I was so impressed this time I’ve decided to post a review. I like authentic style punishments, so I enjoy tawsing the hands. Not many submissives accept this kind of discipline, usually because it hurts too much! Carrie, however, is a really genuine girl who clearly enjoys testing herself and pleasing her clients. I had punished her hands before, but this time she suggested using a new tawse she had acquired. Even I was taken aback by the severity of this implement; I would guess it’s the hardest tawse I have encountered. However, I was not going to hold back and awarded her twelve of the best as per my original plan! Her reaction on taking it was quite amazing. From the first stroke she clearly struggled and couldn’t help screaming out loud and dancing around the room! By the sixth she was in tears and although pity had now overcome me after a short "cuddle break" she bravely asked for the final six and took them like no other girl I know could. By then the situation was as erotically charged as I have experienced. Whether you are into hand-tawsing or bottom-caning, I cannot think of a better girl to visit than Carrie for a genuine, honest and enjoyable dom experience

  • 2011-06-09

    I have been seeing Carrie for quite some time now, I have never written a review about her but I now feel it is time to share my experiences with all. Carrie has the most amazing tolerance when it comes to me wielding a cane when she is bending over to receive a caning. Her beautiful bottom gets me going every time I have no doubt that she enjoys it and always asks for more (no extra charge to me as I am a regular) Carrie makes the most delicious Head Girl. She is quite small, she has a toned physique, with firm boobs and a gorgeously well-honed bottom. I like her most in high heels, stockings and suspenders she has the most amazing legs, a proper lady, Carrie is classy, sophisticated and well maintained, hair & nails immaculate, she takes pride in herself. You will not be disappointed Carrie is someone you can talk to she has such a great personality which is very rare to find these days. Carrie no one compares to you. You are my ray of sunshine always brightening my days.

  • 2011-01-29

    I have long been a fan of Carrie’s and the three-part scene that she describes in her blog was one of our best. I love her in her tight silk trousers, which accentuate the delicious curves of her perfectly shaped firm little bottom without affording her any real protection. In her high heels, the look and feel of those delicious curves is something that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Her firm small breasts show pertly under a crisp white blouse, finished off with a school tie and a ponytail. How cute is that?
    As she says, I asked her to be the Head Girl volunteering to try out all of the school’s punishment implements. She doesn’t always get a spanking to warm her up but this time she was going to take a lot of punishment, so I thought that it was only fair first to put her over my knee for 5 minutes. She then lay across two cushions on the bed and took 7 whacks as hard as I could give them with the wooden paddle (the extra one was for wriggling) and that set the pain benchmark.
    Carrie played her part perfectly as we graded each implement out of 10 (the fibre glass cane, the triple layer strap and the wooden paddle scored 10 out 10, so these are the implements I would recommend if you want to see Carrie really struggle to retain her composure). Her bottom was even redder than is shown in the photograph after I then finished her off with 7 more on the bare with the heavy strap (the extra stroke for being cheeky).
    Carrie’s ability to take heavy punishment is quite remarkable. It is quite obvious that she is suffering real pain but she holds herself in position, bites on a towel or pillow and takes a real thrashing. But the most enjoyable part of the whole event is that Carrie retains her sense of humour throughout. Treat her with respect as a friend having as much fun as you are and you will never experience better.

  • 2011-01-20

    An experienced sub this was my first experience in providing cp – and Carrie made it a highly erotic and fulfilling one.
    I enjoy a scenario/role play as I always enjoy the anticipation and teasing as much as the actual punishment and Carrie has a wicked imagination that developed my "counsellor" situation perfectly.Her additions to the scenario (her sexual relationship with her bosses wife for example)turned me on even more and that will be part of the role play next time we meet!
    A gorgeous bottom that felt soft to the touch and quivered nicely in response to the tawse I was highly aroused by the time she decided she would tempt her counsellor to enjoy her lovely body.
    Carrie – thanks for being so receptive to my requests, giving me some guidance on how to make the most of you, and for being so sweet, friendly and very submissive.

  • 2010-12-06

    Having visited Carrie at a previous address in London some time ago, I was pleased to find her again. Carrie is fun, freindly, sexy and above all very genuine; in a role play situation I gave her a long, hard spanking and then 6 strokes of the paddle. Her bottom was by the end a glorious shade of red; Carrie certainly receives genuine punishment. A very relaxing massage. I would have no hesitation in saying that Carrie is the best CP experience I have had and would always go back to her.

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