Carrie Cane (Switch)

I have enjoyed numerous role-play scenarios and in particular love being a fun but strict Head Girl. I am a sexy petite young lady and fit the role of Head Girl perfectly in my senior school uniform.

While I love giving a good caning, I am not a sadistic dominatrix and I am not into the dungeon scene. My apartment and school study is in a domestic setting. I have the knowledge, experience and imagination to dish out corporal punishment safely, effectively and accurately. Most importantly, I enjoy every aspect of two people exchanging and indulging their fantasies.

I have already established myself as one of the top submissives in the country and I hope you will now enjoy my new additional persona as ‘Head Girl Carrie’. My aim is now to be ‘Head Girl’ of London!

Having been caned so often myself, I know exactly how it feels and so can judge how much YOU can take (and a little bit more!). I have experienced every punishment instrument very many times, often several hundred strokes at a time, which is what makes me different to almost everyone else who claims to be able to give a good thrashing. Unless you know how to receive a PUNISHMENT you can’t understand the head-space and limits of the person you are PUNISHING. I do and I love it.


I am an expert in dishing out corporal punishment to wayward boys and really enjoy role-play. I am very imaginative and pride myself in creating the right ambience to play out these scenarios in a safe and clean environment. Here are a few activities to give you an idea of what to expect in a session.

Schoolboy Corporal Punishment:

This will depend on how senior a boy you are and how much corporal punishment you have previously experienced. Punishment ranges from OTK spankings to severe caning. I have numerous canes you can pick from (or I might chose), Junior Canes, Senior Canes and Fibreglass Canes (which are not for beginners). I also have leather straps (some 3 layers thick and weighted which sting like mad), two and three fingered Scottish tawses, numerous wooden paddles and several riding crops.

Judicial Style Punishment:

This scene is not for beginners – unless you are very brave and really want to please the Head Girl. You will have been sent to me for a very serious offence. I decide on a set number of strokes and sentence you formally to a severe thrashing, for example two dozen strokes with the Senior Cane. You will then be restrained and the strokes are administered from cold. No warm up spanking and no mercy!

Role-Play and Authentic Uniforms:

My speciality is being an 18 year old Head Girl. I wear my Senior Girl’s uniform with a white blouse, tie and blazer with either stockings and a short school skirt or very tight black trousers. I usually have my hair in a pony tail and wear high heels but no underwear!

However, if you want to do something different I can punish you in a number of different roles, for example School Mistress, Lady Boss, Policewoman, Prison Warden, Wife/Girlfriend, Army Officer, or Riding School Bully. If there is anything you particularly fantasize about, please ask.

Other Activities: I can enhance your discipline sessions with bondage or gagging, which we can work in to a Head Girl’s detention session or other scenario, and as I have beautiful feet and legs, boys with a foot, stockings or suspenders fetish may worship me.

Read more about Carrie Cane after my photos!


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Please browse my reviews to find out what clients think of me ; ) I have been praised and reviewed since 2002. Here you will find just a few of my reviews, check my other services for more reviews. If you’d like to share your own review then use this page.

  • 2019-04-30

    It had been a few years since I’d seen Carrie, but she greeted me as an old friend, and I must say she looked fabulous and was warm and engaged from the get go. I’d laid out a two part scenario, the first involving her being inappropriately dressed at the office, and being late to work. To avoid being sacked, she agreed to being punished, and after a spanking, she took 50 sharp swats on the bare with the heavy leather paddle. I then gave her 15 strokes of the thick leather strap, one for each minute she was late. And off she went.

    When she got home, she found her husband asleep on the bed, wearing a pair of her knickers that appeared to be stained. She was already upset with him for hitting on her best friend Paula, and so she slapped him on the bum and awakened him. She said she was fed up with his dalliances, and was going to leave, divorce him, and take all his money. He begged her not to, and promised to do whatever she asked to make amends. Seizing on that, she ordered him to take her knickers off, put them in his mouth, and then lay face down on the bed. She picked up the leather paddle and proceeded to give him twelve very hard swats, making him count and thank her for each one with her knickers in his mouth. She followed that up with twelve more each of the strap, birch, cane, and finally the heavy wood paddle. After 60 strokes over a five minute period, his bum was bright red, and he was whimpering. She then ordered him to worship her bottom, while she fingered his ass. When she was satisfied, she told him she would agree to stay, but if he strayed again, he could expect twice the punishment the next time. She would get him in line.

    Done playing, we then had a lovely chat. Carrie is warm, open, and very caring. She also is a fabulous switch!  I can’t wait to see her again!

  • 2019-04-16

    I enjoyed such an amazing session with Carrie last week that I felt I just had to write a review to say thank you. We played out a role play that I had suggested and Carrie acted out her part to perfection as she always does. Of course, she looked absolutely fabulous too, wearing just the kind of outfits that I love, and we managed to fit in lots of spanking and caning for both of us as well as using several different implements so that we both had wonderfully red bottoms by the time we had finished. Carrie was on top form and made me laugh with her wicked sense of humour and her anecdotes. The time just flew by as we were having so much fun, but we still managed to find the time to have a chat about lots of different things especially our love of football, about which she is very knowledgeable. I visit Carrie on a regular basis and she never disappoints; her personality is guaranteed to make you value every minute spent in her company. I feel very privileged to be able to see Carrie and I’m really looking forward to seeing her again soon. Thank you so much Carrie!

  • 2019-02-21

    I had sent Carrie a scenario which forms the substance of her blog entry for the 19th February. During recent visits, we have switched roles but this time we agreed that Carrie would take control and remain firmly in charge throughout! Carrie was dressed very sexy and very much got “into the zone” of the frustrated Head Girl who was once again having to punish me on my bare bottom. My protests were in vain and became more feeble, particularly after I had been gagged – and blindfolded (!) – an additional “Carrie touch” so I didn’t know what was coming next and which I had not experienced before! I twice wriggled out of my handcuffs to rub my bottom, but this only led to 50 extra strokes of different canes for my naughtiness – added on by the Head Girl to the extra she had already given me through the use of different implements. Throughout, Carrie was severe and in control – which was a wonderful experience for me.
    Afterwards, Carrie took pity and rubbed ointment into my sore and smarting cheeks, coming out of role to be warm and caring again. Carrie is rightly known for being submissive, but I want to place on record that she can very much enact the dominant role and is able to instil both apprehension of what is to come and repentance for past (albeit imaginary) wrong-doings! Fabulous! Thank you!
  • 2019-02-12

    I visited Carrie for the first time today and it was an unforgettable experience. I was rather nervous having not been caned for a long time but Carrie greeted me with a friendly hug, mug of tea and we had a lovely chat which put me at my ease. The photos on her website don’t do justice to her, she has a sensational slim figure, most beautiful body to die for! Seeing her full face for the first time, she has lovely hair, sparkling eyes and the most beautiful face, natural complexion. She showed me her punishment room, benches and various implements. For my first visit she punished me in the bedroom, warmed me up nicely with a spanking over her knee and then gave me 14 hard strokes with her headmistress cane. She had changed into a gorgeous red dress and it was such a turn on watching her punish me. She left lovely red stripes on my bottom but no lasting pain. You feel safe with her, she punishes accurately, judging each stroke to perfection. I then spanked Carrie over my knee on her red dress, then red knickers and then she took a hard spanking on her bare bum. We massaged each other with aloe Vera oil, had a lovely cuddle and another mug of tea. It was all unhurried, I felt like I was in paradise. Carrie couldn’t have done more to ensure I had a wonderful time. Apart from being stunning she is so kind and caring, not sadistic in any way, easy to converse with & great sense of humour. I wish I’d met her before. I recommend Carrie unreservedly. Today was so brilliant I have arranged to see Carrie again next week and will now visit her regularly. I wouldn’t want to spend precious time with any other lady than Carrie, she really is the best! Thank you again, Carrie. Master D. X
  • 2018-11-30

    I visited Carrie today for the first time in a while and as always it was an exhilarating experience. She greeted me with a lovely hug and her beaming smile, we had a lovely catch up chat over a mug of tea. Carrie loves her footie and had a quiz for me on this year’s World Cup. Am afraid I didn’t fare too well & my punishment was 40 with the cane. Fortunately Carrie warmed me up beautifully with a delightful spanking over her shapely knees before 20 strokes each from 2 canes including the dragon. Carrie is such a sexpert with the cane or any of her implements and despite some pain what a delight to watch her perform her artistry, sheer poetry in motion! Carrie then graciously allowed me to give her a full body massage before she returned the favour on me. I was in paradise, my endorphins flowing freely ! After another lovely tea and chat it was time to say au revoir! Carrie is the most charming, caring beautiful lady imaginable and she always ensures you have a fantastic time with her. You wish you could stay longer with her, time flies by when you are feeling so euphoric. I won’t leave it so long before I see her again in 2 weeks! Thank you Carrie, you are the best. Nobody does it better (That would be Impossible!). Danny
  • 2018-10-12

    How fortunate I am that I can visit Carrie on a regular basis and have the pleasure of her delightful company! Last week we shared a particularly enjoyable role play session in which Carrie was totally in charge and decided to punish me for being such a lazy employee. After ordering me to take all my clothes off, she spanked me over her knee before strapping me to the bench and punishing me with several different canes and finally the wooden paddle. Ouch! We then switched and I had the pleasure of spanking her lovely bottom before moving on to a number of implements and canes. Naturally the spanking and caning is wonderful as Carrie is such an expert at giving and taking punishment, and she always looks absolutely fabulous whatever she is wearing, but one of the things I like most is having a chat with her over a cup of tea or when enjoying a post-punishment cuddle. Carrie never makes you feel rushed or under pressure, though the time with her is never long enough because she is such a warm, lovely person. Thank you Carrie for another marvellous session; I’m already looking forward to seeing you again very soon.

    Ps Carrie thank you for blogging our time dated 15/10/18 sir S

  • 2018-09-14

    I visited Carrie recently and as always it was an exhilarating experience. After a lovely mug of tea and catch up chat Carrie said she had a scenario for me and to wait for her in the punishment room. Carrie has such great imagination. I had been caught speeding excessively 72 mph in a 30 zone and feared a ban which would have cost me my driving job. Carrie was the punishment officer and offered me an alternative penalty, 30 hard spanks followed by 72 with the cane if I thought I could take it! Naturally I accepted. Carrie is absolutely stunning and today wore a figure hugging short leather black dress and boots, impossible to resist. If punishment officers looked like Carrie there would be a very long queue! After the most delightful spanking over her knee it was over the bench for my judicial caning. I feared the dragon cane but Carrie used her whippy cane saying the last 10 strokes would be administered with the dragon. Carrie applied the cane to my naughty bare bottom with expertise & unerring accuracy, but was so compassionate and only gave me the final 2 strokes with the dragon! I hugged her and thanked her profusely, then we retired to the bedroom for sensual exquisite massages, which were heavenly before another lovely chat and tea. Carrie as always gives you her unhurried undivided attention and ensures you have the most fantastic time, which always leaves you in high spirits. Thank you Carrie from the bottom of my, nobody does it better, you truly are the best and the most beautiful Lady. Danny

  • 2018-07-20

    I visited Carrie today and from the moment she greeted me with a lovely hug and her beautiful smile until it was time to leave, feeling elated, it was as always an exhilarating experience. We had mugs of tea before and after our wonderful session and lovely talk. Carrie is strikingly attractive, wicked sense of humour, great personality and always such lovely ambience in her luxury flat. Impossible to resist her charms, I fantasize tender intimacy with her and for my inappropriate thoughts which I confessed, I was in need of Carrie’s corrective discipline. Normally I receive a warm up spanking but today it was to be a cold caning! 28 hard strokes of the dragon cane ( no of days since start of World Cup), delivered with unerring accuracy, but safely by Carrie. I was able to watch Carrie whilst she administered my punishment, she wore a lovely red short skirt. thanks I then took my revenge on Carrie giving her 28 hard spanks on her bare bottom, hardest spanking I’ve given her which she took very well. Carrie then graciously allowed me to give her a full body massage, she reciprocated on me, it was marvellous. My bottom is sore to rightly remind me of my misdemeanors. We are both passionate about footie, so disappointed result v Croatia but we were able to comfort each other. There could never be a more uplifting, joyful experience than being in Carrie’s enchanting presence, any pain always followed by the most intense pleasure. Thank you profusely, Carrie for today and can’t wait for a repeat performance!

  • 2018-06-05

    I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have seen Carrie but every time is an absolute joy and I had the most wonderful afternoon with her today. Although we don’t always engage in role play, today we decided to and Carrie was as perfect as ever acting out the scenario I requested. She looked absolutely gorgeous dressed exactly as I asked and there was plenty of punishment for both of us, before we retired to the bedroom for some more gentle enjoyment. I’ve come to realise that Carrie is a very special person and I can’t think of a better way to spend time than in her company. Thank you so much for today Carrie, and for all our other sessions; I’m already looking forward to seeing you again soon.
  • 2018-03-12

    I visit Carrie regularly and she always greets me with a lovely hug and her welcoming beautiful smile. After a lovely little chat over a cup of tea it was into her punishment room where Carrie applied a pair of her knickers over my eyes! She warmed me up with 65 spanks over her bench to celebrate my 65th birthday, followed by 65 strokes with various implements, straps, paddle, hair brush, plimsoll, crop and finishing naturally with the cane. I had to guess the implement used and fared badly! Carrie was merciful, any pain was fleeting with a pleasurable sting! There can be no one better at administering just the perfect ‘punishment’. Mutual pleasures followed in the bedroom. Carrie is a stunning lady, totally enchanting and makes you feel special. Thank you Carrie, so heavenly to spend precious time together. David

  • 2018-02-13

    I visited Carrie for the 7th time. Previously I have experienced 3 superb scenario’s with Carrie as Secretary, Head girl and Headmistress & 3 spanking/massage sessions, all truly memorable.
    Yesterday Mistress Carrie was dressed sexily all in black, I was her slave & with no warm up spanking I was ordered to go on all fours on the floor and the bed to receive canings all safely and accurately administered.
    I was then ordered to worship Carries boots and beautiful legs and then to massage her gorgeous bum, back, shoulders and neck, I was even permitted to massage her natural shapely breasts, such an absolute delight and honour, the whole experience.
    Carrie massaged me and gave me pleasure in the most wonderful way imaginable.
    She is truly a beautiful lady with looks to match, you only truly appreciate her after you’ve met her, she has beautiful eyes, face and smile.
    Pleasure always far out ways any pain, time stands still when you are with her, every moment is pure bliss.
    Thank you Carrie, you truly are awesome.
    Can’t wait for our next session next week.
    With gratitude David X

  • 2017-12-05

    I have been seeing Carrie regularly now for over two years and have had the most wonderful times in her company. We usually act out a scenario which one of us suggests and Carrie is always brilliant in role, wearing whatever I request and playing her part to perfection.(I am in her blog quite a lot in the name of Stephen my last visit was 5/12/17)

    Occasionally, for variety, we will have a quiz to test our knowledge and we receive appropriate punishment for any wrong answers, of which there are plenty, of course! Or we might just spend the session chatting and indulging our mutual love of spanking and caning. Whatever we do, I know I can be sure of a brilliant time with Carrie, whose good looks are matched by her charm and personality. Thank you so much, Carrie, for all our sessions; I’m looking forward to seeing you soon for our annual Xmas quiz!

  • 2017-12-04

    I visited Carrie for the first time today and it was a truly memorable experience. Carrie, Secretary caught me red handed watching spanking videos on the office computer. Faced with the sack I pleaded with Carrie I’d take any punishment from her to avoid this fate. Carrie gave me OTK spanking followed by various implements including the cane, all expertly administered. Carrie was strict but compassionate. We retired to the bedroom for adult fun including a most sensuous massage. Carrie is very friendly and caring with a great personality and sense of humour. She has a most beautiful face and body from head to toe. She is so natural, we chatted like old friends, made me 2 mugs of tea! She is utterly divine, made me feel very happy. I couldn’t recommend Carrie highly enough. She is a very special lady in every respect who makes you feel relaxed and special. Carrie, can’t thank you enough for today and can’t wait to see you again next week. Dave X

  • 2017-11-07

    Another memorable experience with Carrie who blogged our meeting on 01.11.2017. She is very patient with my attempts to make entertaining and different scenarios which invariably end up too long and in need of Carrie’s shortening! I am seeking to make our sessions “switch” rather than one-way with Carrie in her “Head Girl” role as previously but think that I need to practice this more: again Carrie was very patient and entered into the scenario with enthusiasm and consideration so that when it was her turn to punish me, I really felt it – and discovered that the gag I had bought for her to use on me, really works! She is always sincere and caring – which proves the old adage that punishment can be a vital and necessary part of showing someone you care – in the right scenario and setting!! I always come away feeling warm in more than the expected sense – which reflects both Carrie’s personality and approach: “thank you” for a wonderful time Carrie.
  • 2016-12-13

    Having visited Carrie for punishment during the past two years, I summoned up the resolve to switch and punish Carrie who had supposedly been house-sitting whilst my wife and I went on holiday. Unfortunately I had left the computer on when leaving in a rush and after I had punished Carrie, she told me this, also that she had discovered I liked bondage and being caned. She threatened to tell my wife unless she had her revenge on me which was duly carried out as I had no alternative, because of Carrie’s warmth and understanding, she helps me push the boundaries of my experience and today was not an exception. She enacted her role so convincingly, I really enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to when I can see her again. Thank you Carrie!

  • 2016-11-22

    A long time admirer and fan of Carrie’ s web site and blog I decided it was time to pay the lady a long overdue visit was warmly greeted by head girl Carrie in her regulation school uniform looking fantastic yet before long I was summoned to the punishment room to pay the price of looking up the skirt of Carrie and other schoolgirls. Petticoat punishment was also considered appropriate so I reported in full schoolgirl uniform and was secured to the punishment bench so this sissy could not escape what was to come.

    Carrie expertly laid on a number of strokes from a number of implements – all counted and thanked – with the cane and strap bringing back memories of the price paid for past school transgressions. Having taken my punishment well I was rewarded by Carrie by being allowed to get up close and personal with her bottle green regulation knickers that had until that point been hidden from view under her pleated blue skirt. A very enjoyable afternoon and I look forward to returning for more correction for my wayward deeds. Only regret is not having visited sooner!

  • 2016-11-18

    Went to see Carrie today for the first time we did a switch session . I was quite nervous but in an excited way but Carrie made me feel at ease very soon with her lovely smile and hug. We both spanked each other in turn as I am quite new too it Carrie taught me how to use the implements. We then retired to the bedroom for a massage and fun . As I said to you Carrie you have the best bottom I have ever seen . Until next time lots of spanks mark

  • 2016-10-21

    I have been seeing Carrie for some time now and have enjoyed many wonderful sessions with her. Today we played out a scenario in which Carrie took the role of a secretary who wears inappropriate clothing and spends too much time flirting with men in the office and distracting them from their work. She was duly punished by her new boss, including a long firm OTK spanking and use of implements before being given the cane. Carrie played the part brilliantly. She was dressed perfectly and took her punishment, including a large number of cane strokes, superbly. She then changed in to another outfit in which she also looked stunning before turning the tables and punishing me in the same way. She knows exactly how to use a variety of implements to great effect and is expert in using the cane, in fact, the best I have ever experienced. We then retired to the bedroom for a lovely massage. Carrie is so easy to get along with and fun to chat to over a cup of tea – she is always funny and interesting and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed – so that your time with her is enjoyable from start to finish. The only down side is that time just flies by while you are in Carrie’s company. Thank you Carrie for another marvelous session. I hope to see you again very soon and thank you for blogging our session on 26/10/16 its always good to see the photos!

  • 2016-07-29

    This was my second visit to Carrie, as dated on her blog 1/8/16 – and she really is an exceptional woman. She is gorgeous to look at, with a sublime figure, and has such a lovely warm personality and infectious laugh, that she puts you instantly at your ease. Planning a little scenario and working out what implements to use was a lot of fun, and Carrie performed her role as Head Girl to perfection. She is extremely skilled in all aspects of CP and respectful of all limits and wishes. After a thorough punishment session which left me with a very warm glow, she allowed me to take care of her lovely bottom in similar manner, and the happy ending was just that – sheer bliss in fact. If you are a respectful person who treats her well I can guarantee you will have a wonderful time with Carrie. I certainly can’t wait to see her again.

  • 2016-03-17

    I have now visited Carrie on several occasions and every one has been a complete pleasure. Carrie has a lovely personality,is brilliant in role and gives and takes punishment like no one else I know. She really is the best! Thank you Carrie for yet another wonderful session.

  • 2015-11-24

    Another visit to Carrie today and she never disappoints! Carrie has a warm personality and a naturally cheerful demeanour, which always makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. I outlined a possible scenario for the session by email and Carrie played the part to perfection. I punished her with numerous implements before giving her 100 strokes with a variety of canes which she took incredibly well. We then switched and she gave me what I deserved: a good OTK spanking followed by a number of different implements and several strokes with the cane. We then retired to the bedroom for some massage and more gentle play. Carrie is interesting and intelligent, generous and respectful. You always feel that she is giving you one hundred per cent attention and doing the utmost to meet your needs and desires. She has a lovely smile and a gorgeous body and is skilled in all aspects of CP and role play. She is totally professional in all ways. I have read other reviews which say that Carrie is the best and I am not going to argue with that! I am already really looking forward to the next time I see her.

  • 2015-10-23

    I enjoyed a wonderful session with Head Girl Carrie today. Carrie looked absolutley fabulous and as usual greeted me with a lovely smile and a hug. We then quickly got down to the business of punishing me for several misdemeanours. As agreed in advance, Carrie was in complete charge and she ordered me to take my clothes off before putting me across her knee for a good spanking followed by punishment with several implements and then the cane. She then invited me to spank and cane her before we retired to the bedroom for a lovely massage and lots of hugs. Carrie is a complete expert at judging how much punishment you can take and met my needs perfectly. She is brilliant in role, always looks the part and knows how to make you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. You never feel rushed with Carrie, she listens carefully to what you request and she takes great pains to make sure that you have a great time throughout. I can’t wait for my next session with her!

  • 2015-09-29

    I have now visited Carrie twice and both occasions fully lived up to my expectations. As usual Carrie today greeted me with a lovely smile and made me feel at ease throughout the session. She played the role we had agreed perfectly and after a long OTK spanking and use of implements including the cane on her lovely bottom, Carrie turned the tables and gave me the same treatment. Once we had finished the role play, Carrie gave me a fabulous massage which left me feeling wonderfully relaxed. Carrie is a very attractive woman with a personality to match. She is totally professional and takes great pains to make sure that you have a great time. I can\’t wait for the next session!

  • 2015-09-01

    Another heart-warming – and bottom-warning visit to Carrie! Trying to earn some money as a stable-hand , I failed to come up to expectations and as the senior Riding-school employee, Carrie went to great pains to ensure I realised the error of my ways. No fewer than 70 strokes of the cane in respect of seven areas in which my performance had been below par, followed, after being lulled into a false sense of security with a cup of coffee, by 40 strokes shared between four riding crops! Carrie knows how much I can take, along with what I would like to receive and the warm and caring manner in which she greeted me and looked after me at the end, means that the whole experience is one I enjoyed…and will remember for a long time!!

  • 2015-07-27

    “My visit to Carrie was everything I hoped it would be and if I had to single out the two things that made it for me it would be her warm personality and her wonderful hugs. Best wishes Headmaster M”

  • 2015-07-06

    I saw Carrie today for the first time and can only say that the whole experience was superb and very skilfully and thoughtfully handled by Carrie, particularly as she had to lead me a fair bit. The communications leading to the visit were superb, including a very detailed phone conversation leaving me in no doubt what I was to expect. When we met I was extremely nervous and was put at ease fairly quickly with a long chat and drink. Carrie explained what might happen from what I had emailed to her and she got it spot on, on every count, she even gave me a few lessons in how to spank and cane correctly. Once all that was out of the way, not that it wasn’t enjoyable, because it was, Carrie left the room. When she returned we went into an errant secretary scenario whereby I punished Carrie by hand, several implements and cane. She then left the room again ready to switch to the scenario where I was to be punished. I have to say the punishment given and received was just at the right level and respectfully dealt with. It was then off to the bedroom for some of the more tender type of care to finish. Absolutely superb in every way, she is a lovely lady with a splendid personality with a body and looks to match!

  • 2015-04-14

    I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with Carrie the head girl. She has got a beautiful body with a beautiful personality and is certainly on top of her game. Which is more than can be said for me who got it all wrong when it came to cross – dressing up for the school tennis match. I made the ghastly mistake of wearing my underpants even though Carrie had expressly forbidden them. We lost the match despite some serving practice, my hand on her bottom OTK. I was accused of poor serving and received a good spanking with more implements than I knew existed including the cane which really stung but Carrie carefully respected my limits with no marks and skilfully pushed me just a little outside my comfort zone. She totally humiliated me in front of the crowd who had stayed behind to watch the drama unfold. I was stripped naked and the wet stains in my underpants which had to come off before the game and white shorts were held up and pointed out for all to see. To compound my embarrassing afternoon, there was no happy ending to this story. It turned out to be similar to my tennis strokes. I just couldn’t get it up and over the net.

    Back to the clubs medical team I fear. So instead I had a shower and Carrie set me some humiliating homework which you can read about on her blog dated 13 April 2015 if you are curious and so I am looking forward to the next encounter with relish or honey, chocolate. The tiebreaks at Wimbledon will never be quite the same again. Game, set and match to Carrie.

  • 2015-04-07

    My second visit to Carrie in a matter of months turned out to be much more painful than the first: I knew I had not done well in my pre-exam tests but I had also broken my promise that I would work hard and as a result was now jeopardising Carrie’s recent promotion to that of school matron! Carrie selected instruments to cause maximum punishment and in addition to tying me securely to the bench, also gagged me as she knew my cries would be heard outside. Afterwards however, as Carrie felt partly responsible, she allowed me to spank her delectable bottom before we engaged in adult fun. This was a wonderful visit, fulfilling my hopes and desires in every respect: Carrie makes me feel welcome and I do appreciate her hugs! I went away feeling pained but happy – having had a memorable experience for all the right reasons. Charlie

  • 2015-01-08

    My 3rd visit to Carrie. It just gets better!! A petite pert bottom and a lovely figure what more could you want? I suggest you take a good spanking, birching, strapping and caning from Carrie. Pure bliss!!
    Then switch and really enjoy this Lady.

  • 2014-11-22

    This was my first visit to Carrie, and like so many other clients, I am desperately frustrated that I haven’t found her before! I have had one or two switch experiences before, but she is just in another class to anyone else I have seen. She has a delightful personality, a beautiful body and extraordinary expertise. She has the ability to make you feel that her only aim in life is to please you – and while you are with her, I am sure that that is the simple truth. I can’t wait to have another opportunity to visit her. She MUST be the best, because nobody could be better.

  • 2014-11-03

    I visited the Head Girl for the first time today and I was not disappointed. I asked for a session that would push my limits and I certainly got one. After a warm-up spanking I received well over 100 strokes with a variety of implements including an introduction to the senior cane that I won’t forget in a hurry. Carrie was wonderful and judged the whole thing perfectly (to the point of dropping the intensity for the last few strokes so I didn’t need to use my safe word). I will be back.

  • 2014-10-09

    I recently had a wonderful 1-1 with Carrie. She really is the best spankee I’ve ever played with (and there have been a few). She is very pretty, has a gorgeous, petite figure and a lovely shapely peach of a bottom. She’s lithe and lean with well-toned muscles and absolutely no fat, though she’s not in the least skinny either. She can take (and give!) a really hard caning and enjoys getting and using other implements too. She’s very good at role play, listens carefully to what you ask for and enters into her part with lots of spirit whether she’s getting her bottom warmed or warming yours. First, we did two role plays -one with her as head girl and one with her as naughty school girl. And both starting with OTK spankings and ending with 12 or more strokes of the cane. She is good at judging limits and pushing you to extend yours just a little. Then we played strip cards: we each started with 4 items of clothing to lose – 2 above the waist and two below. Then we started turning up cards. On each go, one card each. Whoever had the lowest card had to remove an item of clothing. The first one naked would have to bend over for a number of strokes of the cane to be determined by the cards: 2 to 10 count face value, jack =11, queen = 12, king = 13 and ace = 14!. Luckily Carrie lost! I thought the plan was for her to then turn over a card to see how many strokes she would get, but no. She insisted on counting all the cards that had been turned over and adding them all up. That came to 55 and she insisted on taking 55 strokes of the cane. She was obviously by now stark naked and I made her stand back from the wall with the palms of her hands touching it, her back arched and her bottom stuck out very invitingly. What a gorgeous, sexy picture she was! Since she was getting 55 strokes (plus one for luck) I didn’t hit really hard, but they weren’t just taps either. They were sharp stingy wrist snaps that made a very satisfying thwack as the cane hit her behind. She took them all without flinching and ended up with a very red and very sore bottom, but she made absolutely no fuss. I enjoyed giving her some rubs (and a few slaps too) to ease the sting on those peachy little globes. For the next game, I discarded an item of clothing before we started so as to give her a better chance to get her own back but I still won. This time I insisted that instead of her getting another 50 or so, we’d each take 12 moderately hard strokes which we did. By now we both had some nice stripes to sit on, especially me, since Carrie’s bottom has been caned so hard and so often that it doesn’t mark to easily. Then it was time for a happy ending, which Carrie is also expert at. Half way through she ordered me in her strictest school mistress manner to get up and bend over and she then went off to fetch a heavier cane than we had been using previously and gave me 6 real stingers. I know she enjoyed getting a bit of her own back. They really hurt but I was soon wishing that she’d given me 12 or 18 instead of just 6. Then the happy ending came to its happy end and then I went off to luxuriate in the memories and the glow of a very warm bottom. Oh, Carrie, you’re a dream come true. Charles xx

  • 2014-10-07

    Phenomenal, Exciting, Relaxing, Out of this world……. I cannot think of enough superlatives to describe my first visit to Carrie. Where have you been all my life? I told you and I will repeat for everyone who reads this….my visit to you was like my first visit to Hamley’s toy shop when I was 9! So many implements, play things and experiences. Thank you Carrie for a fantastic session. However, I did want to sit comfortably at my meeting this evening…..I was a little fidgety trying to sit on hard chairs.

    I look forward to our next appointment.

  • 2014-09-10

    Carrie – wow! What I can I say, this woman is the best! I saw her for the first time today and we played out a little head girl/head boy scenario, switching roles, and using a variety of implements including straps, hairbrushes, plimsolls, paddles and canes, and of course the old faithful OTK spanking. Carrie is such a pretty woman, with an absolutely stunning figure, but that is matched by her lovely, warm, friendly and intelligent nature. She has you at ease straight away, and is extremely skilled in all aspects of CP as well as role play. I had a great time from the moment I walked into her very comfortable flat right up until the happy ending. I can honestly say she’s the best spanking professional I’ve had the pleasure to experience. I will definitely be back for more. Thanks Carrie – you’re a lovely woman!

  • 2014-08-08

    This was my first visit to Carrie. There will be more!!
    Carrie was in her Head Girl role and had a list of my offences and made it quite clear that I would be receiving CP. A very firm spanking, strapping and caning followed, the best I’ve ever had. She is lovely person to be with and I shall certainly visit again. Thank you Carrie.

  • 2014-04-02

    Another brilliant session with Carrie today: over 100 strokes from implements ranging from a particularly swishy new cane, through a stingy three-tailed tawse, to a fly-swat (and if you don’t think a fly-swat could hurt, ask Carrie to disabuse you!) Carrie has an almost uncanny knack of taking you to within a millimeter of your limits, but never going beyond. It is wonderful to session with such a professional – you feel so safe – and the fact that she is great fun to be with makes it even better. If there are any nervous ‘newbies’ hesitating in the wings: take the plunge. You definitely won’t regret it. Thanks again, Carrie, and see you soon. Algy.

    p.s. thank you for coming in on your day off (Wednesday) to accommodate my only day in London on business.

  • 2014-03-28

    My first time with Carrie. Agreed scenarios in advance. I was Head Boy and Carrie (my girlfriend) Head Girl. I caught her younger sister Carly with cigarettes and spanked and caned her. Unfortunately for me she was just looking after them for Carrie so she gave me an OTK spanking before tieing me to the punishment bench for 24 strokes of the cane before leading me into the bedroom for a happy ending. Thanks Carrie. A wonderful experience. I can’t wait to see you again !

  • 2014-03-20

    This was my first visit to Carrie and I was incredibly nervous.

    She greeted me at the door and looked amazing. She’s very pretty, has a lovely, warm smile and the most fantastic body.

    She was warm and welcoming, and very patient with me allowing my nerves to fade completely. I didn’t feel rushed at any point.

    Her skill in all things is excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed the session, which was a mixture of spanking each other and massage, and the happiest ending I’ve probably ever had.

    Carrie is a truly lovely girl that I hope to see again as soon as I can.

  • 2014-03-03

    A wonderful time with a delightful young lady who loves what she does.
    Highly recommended

  • 2014-02-28

    Today was my first visit to Carrie, I arranged beforehand to have a switch session and now the day had come. I was a bit nervous but as soon as Carrie opened the door and greeted me any worries were blown away by this friendly bubbly girl.

    The scenario was one of favourites, the useless secretary who later gets her revenge. I told Carrie how unhappy I was with her and her sloppy work and told her she would be punished or sacked. She accepted the punishment and was across my knee for a prolonged spanking on her bare bottom. This was followed by her bending across the bench and taking a mixture of paddles, straps, tawses, slippers and finally the cane. She took over 200 strokes and can really take a hard caning. Afterwards, she got her revenge and the roles were reversed and I got a taste of my own medicine and thoroughly enjoyed it. She may be petite but can deliver a good thrashing!

    To end with she gave me a lovely massage and even dressed as a bunny girl for me, another fantasy of mine.

    The session went well from the beginning to the very happy ending.

    I’ve visited many switches in London over the years, Carrie is without doubt the best, a really lovely genuine girl who will do anything to please you. I just can’t wait for my next visit. Carrie you are the best! x x

  • 2013-11-09

    Had an absolutely fabulous time and will remember it for a long time to come. Can’t wait to see you again when I next come to London.

    We have seen each other over many years now and I can honestly say that you are not only undoubtedly the best girl in London at what you do but you are also an incredibly nice person!

    I am thinking about our next scenario and will be in touch as soon as I have an available date.

    Best wishes

  • 2013-10-21

    Carrie has blogged my last two visits to her (the last blog dated 21/10/13, & the role play was just as she told it. She is a brilliant actress & really gets into her roles. As she has described what went on, I will not repeat it again. What I would like to share with you, are the bits she did not. When I arrived at her nice apartment, I was greeted with a warm smile & a kiss on the cheek, followed by a cup of tea.

    After the first part of our fantastic session, which left her bottom glowing as the picture shows, we went of for more tea & a chat like old friends. It was then back to the room for her to get her revenge on me, which as can be seen, pushed me just up to my limits. This was followed by a very pleasant "happy ending". Whilst I had a shower, Carrie got changed into jeans & a tea shirt, she looked just like a teenager! With another kiss on the cheek ,I was happily sent on my way.

    Allan 6b

  • 2013-10-11

    I had wanted to see Carrie for ages but finding out that she switches gave me a new sense of urgency. I booked 90 minutes because I wanted to have time for a relaxed switch scenario. I played a bullying boss who spanked, caned and shagged a vulnerable employee each week. She, inspired by the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo decides to exact her revenge by filming the encounter and then turning the tables.

    Blackmailing her boss she demands that he undergoes the sort of spanking he has dished out for so long. Carrie played the role like an accomplished actress, except that the spanking was for real.

    Carrie promises to find your limits and then take you just beyond. So when she picks up her dragon cane you had better be afraid. I thought I was at my limits with the Dragon and I think she sensed this because before I could blurt out the safe word, she delivered the final two strokes in quick succession. It was an unforgettable experience.

    We left the punishment room and retired to the bedroom when Carrie soothed cream into my sore bum, gave me a relaxing massage and fun!

    Carrie is exceptional. She is an attractive women with a great figure. She takes real pride in her work and is genuinely concerned that you enjoy yourself. She is great fun to spend time with. Above all she is a true professional in the best sense of the word – which is reassuring given the damage that the dragon can do in the wrong hands.

  • 2013-10-08

    What can I say. What a top girl, was skeptical about all the reviews saying how absolutely amazing she was and so so nice and an amazing body with a proper spank me bottom. I was pleasantly surprised. A great personality and really enjoys the role play. It’s also true she can dish it out. After a hand spanking, paddle and plimsoll which she was merciless with I was asked which cane. Took a few moments thought and she has picked up the dragon before I could answer. That bad boy really stings and I was struggling after just six. She really can take it as well. After six of the dragon was asking for more and took 18 and was not content until she had endured a full fifty with the plimsoll although she was wriggling a bit towards the end. A few more spanks with the paddle and it was off to the bedroom. I respect a lady so let’s just say she did not disappoint there either. Great girl and well worth a visit. I will certainly be back soon. Thanks Carrie.

  • 2013-09-16

    Back to visit Carrie again, and although she made me very comfortable on my first visit, this was one time when the second time around was much more relaxed, as we knew each others buttons better. I had again laid out a scenario prior to arriving, and Maid Carrie played her role to perfection. She took a stiff punishment for stealing, and was about to satisfy me when my wife returned home to discover us. She should have taken it out on Carrie, but rather sent her home and proceeded to deal with me severely. After promising never to misbehave again (we’ll see….), she took pity on me as she rubbed my tender bum and made sure I was relaxed before I left. Can’t wait to visit Carrie again…I already have another scenario in mind. She also blogged our time together dated 19 September 2013!

    Thank you Carrie…as I told you, it was the best ever!

    Mr. J

  • 2013-04-18

    Having described in some detail by email a possible switch session, I arrived at Carrie’s flat to find a very welcoming partner. After a brief conversation to get to know each other a bit, we commenced with Carrie in the role of a naughty secretary who was to be sacked. Naturally, she talked her way out of it, took her punishment as required, and made sure that I was "satisfied" with her apology! Turning the tables on me, she made sure I wouldn’t be able to sit on the way home, and that my thirst was quenched as well. She gets an A+ for role play, as 100% of the scenario was played out. And she’s a lovely, friendly young lady to boot!

    I can’t wait to return!

    Mr. J

  • 2013-02-18

    My very first visit to Carrie couldn’t have been better. She is really friendly, incredibly skilled at doling out just the right level of punishment, and is able to judge whether you are able to take just that little bit more. Carrie is also more than happy to switch places for a firm spanking, a paddling or for some crisp strokes of the cane across what must be one of the most stunning, peachy bottoms in the business. She’s also amazingly talented at adopting whatever role you can think of. A fantastic experience. (which she blogged on 18/2/13).

  • 2013-02-14

    I had explained to Carrie previously that it was my wish to be thoroughly punished for my "crimes" and to feel at the end of my interview with her that I could not sit down comfortably for some time afterwards. I was duly summoned to Carrie’s study to explain my recent behaviour, which among other things, included both looking and,indeed, putting my hand up, various girls’ skirts. I was then informed what my punishment was going to be, a lengthy spanking, on the bare, over her knee followed by a caning. Unfortuately she forgot to tell me I was to receive six of the best with five different canes!!
    All I can say to anybody considering a visit to Carrie is to be very careful what you wish for because I received exactly what I asked for and I spent a VERY uncomfortable journey home on the train afterwards! Carrie is superb in that she picked up on exactly what I was looking for, took me to my previous limit and then pushed me a little bit further. She is the sweetest,friendliest girl I have ever met and whilst I was quite nervous before we met she put me at complete ease within a few minutes of our meeting. If you have any doubts yourself about arranging to see her, don’t have, I can guarantee she is the best there is, in London, or anywhere else for that matter! Oh, I forgot, on top of everything else, she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous and has a body to die for! Carrie, will you marry me??

  • 2013-02-04

    Carrie is very understanding and prepared to listen. She tries very hard to make sure that the customer gets what he wants, so it’s worth making an equal effort to make sure she actually knows what you want. Her role-play was excellent, and she can certainly take (and give out!) severe punishment. My return visit (same duration, same price) a week later was just as good – memories to treasure! If there are any girls around who are better at this than Carrie, I’d love to meet them!

  • 2013-01-14

    Just a quick note to thank you for a splendid time last Monday! I haven’t had time to write until now, but I had a very good session with you. Your punishment for my many faults was spot on, and just about as much as I could take, so well judged! My bum felt like a rhino’s skin afterwards, but there was very little to show for it in the mirror, so my tan must have masked it, as you said. However, I am very pleased to say that I can still just about feel the effect when I sit down or touch the area concerned, so congratulations again on some very well-applied strokes!

  • 2012-11-08

    Having seen Carrie several times I thought I should post a review. Carrie in my opinion the best lady who has ever caned me. I have met numerous Dom’s over the years who have never quite hit the spot. With Carrie because she knows what it feels like to be punished. Her ability and skill is spot on. I always have a judicial caning and when Carrie’s applies the cane hard to my bottom, it is always accurately applied, and not any where else. She is an expert and knows just how to take me to my limits. I would highly recommend Carrie, she is charming and funny a real joy to be with. I will only be seeing her now as I have tried the rest and I am going to stick with the best. Oh and another thing an amazing body! Thank you Head Girl Carrie.

  • 2012-09-20

    After arriving at Carrie’s in call, I was invited in by her secretary who invited me to got downstairs and meet Carrie.

    Carrie was dressed in Lingerie and I was immediately struck by how attractive, friendly and open she was. We sat and chatted a little about my level experience with spanking and what I wanted to do. I told her that although I have been into spanking my entire life, I have never had the chance to do it properly and then I outlined a basic fantasy about spanking a secretary into sexual submission.

    Since I have very little real experience, Carrie gave me a brief tutorial in how to spank correctly and safely, we discussed which implements I would use, how many strokes, and how to do it safely. This may sound a little ‘proper’ to some hobbyists, but it is really very important to know what you are doing if you are not going to hurt your submissive and I greatly appreciated the information as well as the experience. Although you get a sense of how much to bring when discussing the appointment over the phone. I was given a very favourable fee which suited us both. (In fact after the service I did notice that she did give me a few more as she was enjoying the riding crop! What a naughty girl I thought!)

    I then excused myself to take a shower while Carrie got changed and we met again in the play-room. After telling Carrie to take a seat, I told her that it was time for her annual review. She had been more than a little sloppy in her work and also had reacted badly when a senior male member of staff had slapped her shapely bottom. I made it clear that personal assistants at my firm are to be submissive to all male staff members and specifically available to me for personal use. Although she seemed a little shocked, Carrie needed her job and promised to try.

    With that, I knew that I would need to teach her a lesson and I told her that she was going to be punished. I asked her to stand, turn and raise her skirt, which she nervously did. She has a lovely, spankable bottom, which I told her. She was obviously learning because she thanked me as I ran my hand over her buttocks and between her thighs.

    To begin her discipline, I had her over my knee for a lengthy and really quite substantial hand spanking. Alternating between her cheeks, her bottom quickly pinked up. I was not quite sure if she was getting turned on by her punishment so I pulled down her panties.

    After a while, I felt that things ought to move on if I was going to really teach this girl a lesson so I had her take off all her clothes and the then had her stand with her hands either side of a wall mirror, her legs apart and bottom out for a firm paddling. Although she kept her position throughout,

    I then restrained her on a spanking bench and applied the tawse ten times. Since she was restrained. I then uncuffed her and bent her over a spanking horse for ten from a riding crop and finally back to the bench for a caning. What a great experience one that I will treasure forever

    I will go back.

    If you are into real spanking or if you have always wanted to try it, Carrie is the perfect girl. She really enjoys being spanked hard, which I found out, and I must say next time I will spank a bit harder as her bottom goes really red and that does turn me on against her pale skin. One thing to remember is that spanking does require some skill and a little practice so particularly if you are new, pay attention when she is telling you how to do it before the service and you will both have a better time.

  • 2012-06-07

    I have always fantasied a young petite lady punishing me and pushing me to my limits. I have seen a few and then I stumbled on Carrie’s great web page.

    Carrie looked perfect in her Head Girl’s uniform with her cane in her hand, swishing it got me rather excited.

    She slipped into the role with ease and for a full hour I was in awe of her.

    The OTK spanking was hard and the caning pushed me to my limits. (I was surprised at how hard and accurate each stroke was, she is a very powerful lady so do not be fooled by how petite she is) What a super girl she is very sexy and kept teasing me with her beautiful legs. In between the caning she rubbed me in between my legs just to show who was boss. After my punishment she asked me whether I would like to get my revenge on the Head Girl which of course I obliged. Who could resist that bottom? I gave her a good OTK spanking which made her bottom go a nice shade.

    See you soon Carrie I cannot wait for my marks to go, then back to see my favourite Head Girl yours John the Student.

  • 2012-04-03

    As a 6th former caught once again on the back row of the cinema doing things with a female classmate that make the Head Girl jealous, I was made to report to the Head Girl for my punishment, which consisted of a good over the knee session on the bare followed by 6 of the best over my trousers and 2 further lots of 6 on the bare when the punishment was deemed not to have been sufficient!

    The Head Girl then offered to help reduce the swelling caused by her punishing me and this was very successful too.

    Carrie is a superb role-player and it is so satisfying that both participants get satisfaction from the scenario.

    Last time I visited Carrie, I endured well over 100 strokes of various canes and her skill is masterful. I keep the photos of the results as a treasure.

    Thank you Head Girl Carrie I promise not to be naughty again! (well hopefully I can keep my promise).

  • 2012-02-28

    I saw Carrie. We had a lovely time. I can’t praise her enough. She was excellent. It was a privilege to be punished by her. My bottom is still sore. I am looking forward to seeing her soon.

  • 2011-07-18

    This was my first time meeting Carrie, however I have been a fan after following her fantastic site & blog from afar for quite a while now.

    As I was in London on business I made a booking a few weeks ago. I was very impressed by the professionalism by Carrie. I also sent a email to Carrie direct with my very simple role-play. I confirmed on the morning of the appointment, I requested a text message with the address & directions from the station.

    Carrie is stunning, she is exactly the girl you see in all of her photos, if not better looking as you do not see her beautiful face & sexy smile! We discussed everything in my email, she then returned to the fantasy room in her Head Girls uniform, consisting of white silky panties, white over the knee hold up pleated skirt & white shirt with tie. I was her boyfriend & as she was Head Girl she had to practice her cane swing on me. She tied me to her punishment bench, then Wow Carrie gave me 6 strokes of each of her fantastic canes, I think the hardest was the Dragon Cane, all of these were delivered accurately & very hard which I had asked for. Then as promised I caned her 24 times with all different canes, Carrie you very brave & the marks looked lovely against that white bottom. This was the best experience I have had with any girl over the years of me exploring my Sub/Domme side.

    Will I be back? Carrie you have another regular I’m afraid! Stunning girl stunning service stunning personality! All the best David x

  • 2011-01-06

    Carrie is fun, has a great sense of humour,and very sexy!

    As for me I was a very naughty boy I wanked all over the bed and so I was tied up and punished with the cane and by the time that Carrie was finnished my bottom was red!

    Next time I am a naughty boy I will be tied up to the spanking bench and gagged and I will be crying to Carrie to stop!


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