Adult School Submissive Fantasy

My bottom goes bright red when spanked and when I am caned you can see red stripes across my bottom.  The outfits I have are authentic school uniforms or St.Trinian’s attire I can be the perfect spankee.  My Punishment Book is always to hand.

I am always an Adult School spankee and I do not do encourage age play. No decent person (including myself) approves of the sexualisation of children, or of children being viewed as a sexual object. But, over the years, I have known a huge number of keen spankers all of whom regard the wearing of school uniform by adult spankees as entertainment as far from reality as the old St.Trinians stories, and with no connection to any promotion of the sexualisation of children.

The Services I provide are a Fantasy and are fun and imaginative!


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  • Services – Adult School Role Play
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  • Services – Adult School Role Play
  • Services – Adult School Role Play
  • Services – Adult School Role Play
  • Services – Adult School Role Play
  • Services – Adult School Role Play


Please browse my reviews to find out what clients think of me ; ) I have been praised and reviewed since 2002. Here you will find just a few of my reviews, check my other services for more reviews. If you’d like to share your own review then use this page.

  • 2019-03-07

    I was lucky to visit Carrie again for a unscheduled visit. I was lucky Carrie had had a cancellation and I got on the train and made my way to London.

    I always love the part of playing the Headmaster and as usual I had to punish Carrie the naughty but older school girl who is so bad that she hasn’t actually left school yet!

    Carrie as always looked great in her school uniform and she had a new tartan skirt which she wore for me and her straw boater.

    Carrie as always took her punishments brilliantly, even though the last part of the slippering was the firmest Carrie was determined to prove that she would work hard if allowed to stay at the school to re-sit her exams. She surprised the Headmaster by asking for a extra 50 with the slipper on her bare bottom. She took the final 50 bravely and by the end her bottom felt absolutely on fire.

    There was still time for more hugs and cups of green tea and a catch up with good conversation as well as the chance to rub aloe vera oil on Carrie’s sore bottom to ease the sting.

    Looking forward to my next session with Carrie in the Summer thank you as always Carrie Headmaster D.

  • 2018-10-26

    Naughty Carrie!  Despite giving her very strict instructions about the importance of wearing her school uniform according to regulations, she made some careless mistakes, for which she was punished, as she explained in her blog.  However she omitted to say that she was spanked hard on the bare bottom for failing to wear the right regulation knickers.  Obviously this was not memorable enough for her to remember her sins. You can Be sure that we will be addressing this next time and there will be consequences.

    Another wonderful session with with the lovely Carrie.  She slips in and out of role play beautifully and in addition to having a wonderful sexy time, you can be sure that underneath the role play there is a real genuine friendly person who ‘gets’ the spanking thing that we all enjoy so much.  As others have said, treat her as the lovely lady she is, with respect and you will have a wonderful experience.

    Headmaster Jim


  • 2018-10-16

    Carrie has many excellent reviews on here, so it is very difficult to find things to say that have not been said many times already. I have now visited her three times and can honestly say she really is excellent. I had been thinking about visiting her for a couple of years, before finally making that first appointment. Do not make the same mistake as I did – do not even think about it – just do it – I wish I had, much sooner.

    If your kink is CP, with or without role-play, you will have an excellent time with Carrie. Although her moniker is subCarrie, she is very capable of switching. There is plenty of real info and pictures on her blog. Email her for the password, if you do not have it.

    In common with many others, my own particular kink is “schoolie” scenarios, at which she excels. I will not go into the full details of what we got up to on my last visit, but suffice to say the result was two red stripy bottoms, pictures of which are on her blog, followed by a lovely session massaging them better.

    Please remember that Carrie is a lady (albeit a very naughty one!), so treat her with respect and you will be repaid many times over. Not surprisingly, she has a number of regular clients, so if she is busy, you will need to form an orderly queue, but remember that is behind me!

    We last met in July, so this review is well overdue, something that I am sure she will “remind” me about, next time we meet. Thinking of which, I mentioned last time that I reach the “big 7” in November, to which she promised me an extra special session, if I can make it down to London around that time. I have a suspicion that will involve a very red bottom – probably mine!

    As well as being a superb playmate, Carrie is now a great friend. What more could a guy want?

    Dear Carrie – keep up your naughty behaviour – I will be back!

    M from Scotland xx

  • 2018-10-02

    Carrie has blogged about our time together, so I would like to add just a little more about the fantastic day I had.

    After arriving at her lovely apartment, I was warmly greeted with a kiss & a cuddle, followed by a cup of tea & a catch-up chat.

    Then it was down to business, Carrie got changed into her Head Girls uniform, & my, did she look stunning in that red pleated skirt! After some corner time & a severe telling off, I was bent over her new punishment bench for my first ever “cold” canning. Having always before had a warm up, the feel of the dragon cane was a whole new experience, but Carrie knew just how far to push me, & perhaps a little more, leaving me feeling absolutely exhilarated. Then it was off to the bedroom, the feel of the cool cream gently massaged into my blazing bottom was divine!

    During our happy time together in the bedroom, I set Carrie a little challenge, which earned her 15 strokes of the cane, this was delivered after we got dressed as it was lunch time at school, 5 strokes over her tight trousers, 5 over her knickers, & the final ones on her bare bottom. So we both had lovely warm bottoms.

    After lunch time at school it was time for Alan’s revenge, which Carrie took very well, although I did manage to get quite a few yelps & ouch’s out of her.

    Then it was back to the bedroom, & my turn to rub in the cream.

    Thank you Carrie for a wonderful day, & all those cups of tea, I will remember it for a long time.

  • 2018-09-10

    As a newbie, I have been lurking on Carrie’s web site for over a year now, never thinking I would pluck up the courage to call. Finally I did, complete with my fantasy, we arranged a meeting and Carrie performed her role as the naughty adult schoolgirl to perfection, such that the role play felt as real as it could be, rather than some contrived pretence which was what I was fearing. Carrie is super-welcoming and genuinely ensures that you will have a great time, both during the scene and relaxing after..If you are a lurker, and tempted to take the next step, you will not be disappointed. So nice to have a real chat…I felt like I had known her for years. In the words of Arnie….”I’ll be back”

  • 2018-09-04

    After not being able to see my favourite Head Girl for a year due to not being able to get to London I met up with Carrie for a one way service where I was punishing her. As usual Carrie did not disappoint and gave me a list of her misdemeanors. I used my favourite implements on her such as the Headmasters slipper as well as the cane and plimsoll. Carrie was professional and accepted all of these implements with ease and took a huge amount on her beautiful bottom. In between she gave me lots of hugs and kisses on my neck and face. The 2 hours was not rushed and I received 2 cups of tea and we also had time to catch up and have a nice chat. Thank you again Carrie for a amazing session. I think your amazing Headmaster David

  • 2018-07-24

    Judicial style… last! On this visit, Carrie was setting the scene so that I was not prepared beforehand, unlike when a scenario has been previously discussed. Carrie did know that I had always wanted punishment like this as this is what would have happened had I ever been caned at school but what occurred exceeded my imaginations and was carried out so well by Carrie. I knew I was in trouble from the moment I was summoned into her room to be told that I had brought disgrace on the school through being photographed cheating at cricket. In spite of this being my final term and achieving good grades, the Headmaster wanted me to be expelled and it was through Carrie’s intervention that the punishment was reduced to a judicial caning.
    This was carried out with me naked and across a small bench in front of the remainder of the(imaginary!) cricket team whose position at the top of the league had been lowered to bottom (and it was my bottom which was to pay the price!) I found it hard to keep count, and earned additional strokes through jumping up and rubbing my cheeks. Throughout Carrie was stern and firm, interacting on occasions with the team and thus increasing my shame.
    Carrie afterwards disclosed that the Headmaster told her that she had exceeded her remit in the number of strokes she had given me so that I could cane her as well – which I happily did, before we retired into the bedroom for fun and the wonderful massaging of cream into my poor bottom. I am hoping that Carrie will be blogging this visit so have not gone into more detail but suffice to say that this visit combined everything I had imagined such a caning to entail and will remain with me in my memory for a long time to come (if not for ever!) Thank you so much for your understanding and sensitivity Carrie.

  • 2018-06-04

    Visited Carrie for the first time yesterday.

    What a beautiful and lovely lady who acted out my desired caning scenario with great conviction and expertise. Finished with the most amazing relief. Bliss.

    I loved it and will return for sure but be warned she can cane hard if asked to!! Lovely lady.

  • 2017-09-18

    Met Carrie for the second time last week, what a superb professional lady she is, makes you feel very welcome and has a great array of School and other uniforms. Great role play and takes a spanking, strapping, caning and can dish it out as well, so imaginative, Carrie breaths life into what up to now was only a fantasy. I really enjoyed my visit and hope to get back to see Carrie soon.
    Head Boy W ….

  • 2015-11-30

    Having met Carrie several times today was as special as ever. Carrie volunteered to take all the punishments set out for her on the bare bottom without a murmur. 30 strokes of the paddle, she went on to take 30 with the crop, 30 with the shiny paddle and 30 with the paddle, 30 with the plimsoll as instructed without a break except for time rubbing her lovely pink bottom. Then it was time to cane Carrie. 20 with the whippy cane followed by 30 of the dragon cane. Carrie then took a further 30 of the plimsoll to make sure her bottom was truly on fire. We stopped for a nice cup of tea with a mince pie a chat and lots of hugs. I then suggested warming her lovely bottom up again with a hand spanking before moving on to the final part of her punishment. By this time Carrie was really getting into ˜the zone.” After 20 strokes of the new black handled cane she asked for another 10 to show how sorry she was (and because she was enjoying it!) I then gave her 30 with the paddle which left 100 strokes to be divided between the crop and the plimsoll. Carrie suggested that she should take 100 with the new black handled cane. I was more than happy to oblige. She counted all 100 with hardly a moan. Once again her bottom was glowing. Carrie was still smiling and when finished I hugged her and took some photos for her blog. Another wonderful session Carrie thank you so much Headmaster D.

  • 2015-09-22

    My first ever visit to anyone in the cp business – what a morning!! Carrie was fantastic, she put me at me at my ease immediately. She is a lovely person and walked me through the whole process of role play – She did a great job of relaxing me. The session was out of this world – within minutes I had a naughty school secretary over my knee taking a really hard spanking on the bare butt. This was followed by a few minutes across a punishment bench – with a variety of implements. What a fantastic morning – I recommend Carrie very highly, lovely person and into CP , looking forward to my return visit in about four weeks!!

  • 2015-04-09

    I met Carrie for the first time recently and have to say I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. I confess to being a little nervous at first, but Carrie’s warm personality soon put me at ease. Carrie looked great as a naughty schoolgirl and I, as headteacher, had to punish her for consistently being late for school, not doing her homework, misbehaving in class, wearing skirts that are too short, being rude and cheating in exams. Carrie took a variety of punishments, Carrie had to undress me and be spanked over my knee, do a sexy striptease, do some star jumps and be tickled with a tickling feather. Carrie took all her punishments very well and is now a model schoolgirl. Carrie is a very warm, friendly and lovely person. My time with her seemed to go by very quickly, but I will surely be visiting her again soon.

  • 2015-03-19

    Carrie knocked on the door and entered my office. She had just finished her games lesson and was still dressed in her games kit. I had received a note from her Head of Year Miss Bottomley. Although Carrie was reluctant to admit some of the offences, in particular lying about the fire alarm, in the end she accepted that she had let herself down and damaged the schools reputation and deserved to be punished. She took all her punishments really well and even volunteered for a extra 20 strokes with the slipper to show just how sorry she was. Those 50 with the Headmaster slipper when you was totally in the zone, so special and my birthday present. You really are a lovely lady how you tool those 270 strokes is amazing! Thank you so much for your kindness, lovely hugs and amazing role-play.

    A truly wonderful 2 hours and I really hope to see you soon. Headmaster D

  • 2014-12-02

    I had arrived back at (Victoria Academy) after a 3 month secondment to help a neighbouring school. There was a letter on my desk from my Deputy Head Mistress Miss Johnson about Carrie, one of our brightest 6th formers and it read.

    Dear Headmaster D

    Carrie Smith has been her usual naughty self this week and I have written her report card out for you to look at.

    I would suggest firm and prolonged punishments to Carrie at her detention with you at 11am for 1.5 hours. Below is all the information you need thanking you in advance Miss Johnson Deputy HM

    1. The offence – Smoking – Hairbrush x 12 over the knee through knickers.

    2. The offence – Wearing red nail varnish – Plimsoll x 20 – 10 touching toes and 10 over the chair through knickers.

    3. The offence – Swearing – Whippy cane x 12 touching toes through knickers.

    4. The offence – No homework – Blue handle dragon cane x 12 over the chair on the bare bottom.

    5. The offence – Cheating in exams – Red handle dragon cane x 12 over the chair bare bottom.

    6. The offence – Rudeness to Head of Year – New black crop x 12 over the chair on the bare bottom.

    7. The offence – Incorrect school uniform – Plimsoll x 12 touching ankles on the bare bottom.

    8. For the last punishment Carrie must pick a implement and how many.

    I had not expected to have to take a Saturday morning detention so soon after my return. Carrie knocked on the door and came in. She was dressed perfectly in her school uniform and looked contrite as she knew she was in trouble. She accepted that her standards had dropped and that her swearing and rudeness showed that she had not been treating Miss Johnson with the respect due to her. I pointed out that as a senior student with undoubted leadership skills should have been supporting the Deputy Head and not undermining her. Carrie agreed and accepted the punishments that Miss Johnson had set out.

    This was firm punishment and clearly tested her but Carrie took it all superbly and volunteered for a extra 18 strokes with the wooden paddle to show just how sorry she was for the trouble she had caused. Afterwards we had a lovely hug out of role. Carrie left the office to change for the second part of the role play as Miss Johnson.

    Carrie came in as Miss Johnson smiling and smartly dressed in a white blouse and dark pencil skirt. She asked if I had dealt with Carrie. I told her that I had but that I was not satisfied. Carrie would not be her bad self if properly disciplined. I needed my Deputy Head to be able to maintain standards in my absence. Her smile disappeared and she looked crestfallen as I said she would either have to be sacked or accept corporal punishment herself as an incentive to enforce from now on. She had been at the school for many years and did not want to lose her position so she accepted the punishment 12 of the dragon cane through her skirt and then 12 with the plimsoll on the bare.

    Miss Johnson took her punishment just as well as Carrie had done and rubbed her bottom afterwards assured me that she would enforce discipline properly in future.

    Thank you Carrie for another brilliant session. Hope to see you again Head Master David

  • 2014-03-27

    I am the Headmaster Mr. Davies in Carrie’s blog dated 27/3/14 and also 17/4/14. I feel I must write a review regarding our time spent on the 27/3/14. It was a same day appointment as Carrie had a cancellation and I was lucky enough to attend. She greeted me with a warm embrace dressed in her gym kit. We had a chat over a nice cup of tea before we started as Carrie likes to discuss everything before we start. She had prepared for me a weekly report sheet for me to deal with her. I told her I would like to use the plimsoll and the cane and asked if there were any other implements she felt like receiving. She showed me a thick strap called a ‘Fuella, a leather looking 3 tailed tawse and an American Wooden Paddle – clearly she was ready for some hard discipline!

    The role-play – Carrie entered my office confidently expecting to be appointed Head Girl. When she realised she was in trouble her attitude soon changed, giving me a lovely combination of excuses, cheeky back chat and submissive acceptance of her punishments. And she takes real punishments – totally genuine no fake cries. She took over 100 strokes with the various implements without any difficulty – bending over the chair for the plimsoll and strap, lying on the bed for the tawse and touching her toes and holding position for the cane beautifully.

    When we came to the wooden paddle I said American girls were given 5 to 10 strokes either through clothing or on the bare. She said she deserved 12 on the bare just to show how sorry she was. She lowered her gym knickers, gripped her knees and assumed the position. It was clear this time that I was testing her but she took it superbly. "Did you enjoy that?" she said as she stood up afterwards. "Did you?" I replied as our squeezy hug answered both questions.

    Carrie is totally professional in the way she tailors each session to suit her clients, as each time I have seen her it has been better and better. She is friendly and easy to talk to with a warm and bubbly personality, a lovely petite figure and a firm shapely bottom – a beautiful lady in every respect. Treat her with care and respect and win her trust and friendship and you will have a brilliant time with her. I am only into the CP and never have a happy ending as this is my choice. Thank you Carrie as always it really is a privilege to play with you!

  • 2013-08-20

    Excellent time spent today with the wonderful Carrie. She plays her part so well. Highly recommended

  • 2013-04-15

    Internet is useful , it still took me a few years to meet that deliciously submissive and pretty woman. Of course it’s Carrie’s fault , and I will have to punish her for all my wasted time . She better be ready for the coming correction.That’s going to be more severe than the games we played yesterday and next time spanking and caning will have to be included in a good session of slave training.She is so cute, bent over the bench and she is so naturally submissive that she counted and thanked me for each spank when I had not even asked her to do so ! I could not resist take her little frame in my arms and give her a big kiss . I found that sweet and sour is what’s required . Sour first , because she clearly needs to be led, guided and structured through spanking, caning and humiliation . Sweet after because she is so cute that it seems natural to have her head on your shoulder,give her a big cuddle and tenderly take care of her . Why did I want to caress her ? Probably to diminish the pain . But the quicker the pain diminish , the quicker her cute little bottom will be ready for the next correction ! Beware sweet Carrie !!!

  • 2013-02-04

    I always wanted to try something like the services offered by Carrie, i felt the need to spice things up a little and Carrie turned out to be sublime. Had her all dressed up in school uniform and she looked fantastic! tried some spanking, i have to admit that it was nice, her peach bottom quickly became red and her moaning was fantastic. She can be tied up and was very participative during the session.

  • 2012-08-30

    I’ve seen Carrie a few times now, being a domination beginner on my first visit. Carrie is very professional when discussing requirements and setting the scene, but quickly becomes a very naughty girl. If you like what you see on her website you’ll definitely like the real thing even more.

    I’ve tried different role-play scenarios (mainly with hard hand spanking, but sometimes more severe punishment that Carrie has no problem with) and Carrie is fantastic at adopting a role and quickly picking up on the "master’s" requirements. She is particularly good at being a cheeky/teasing girl who gets ‘taught a lesson’. Her small waist and slim shapely bum are very encouraging when she bends over to be spanked.

    I appreciate that such an attractive and smart girl provides this type of service and allows us to indulge our fantasies, hence the report.

  • 2012-03-08

    Petite and perfectly shaped with a firm tight bottom, a ready smile and a cheeky grin; looks young enough to make a convincing schoolgirl.
    My favourite scene is having Carrie report in Head Girl’s uniform wearing very tight black satin trousers, white blouse, slightly loose school tie and high heels; but no underwear. She is secured over the whipping bench and her bum is a perfect target in her skin tight trousers. I start with 10 minutes hard spanking before moving on to an instrument. She takes the cane so hard that I have reduced her to tears with just 4 strokes but my favourite (and the instrument she finds the hardest) is the long-handled heavy wooden paddle. Today I gave her a few really hard whacks with that on each cheek and was Carrie yelping!

  • 2012-02-02

    Exactly the same as you can see in the pictures. I would not hesitate to describe her as one of the best submissive girl in London. Everything is said on her website is true, she is a honest provider that lived up to my expectations.
    Carrie managed to do everything I asked, exactly as I wanted. Perfect at playing the naughty schoolgirl I enjoyed the role playing and I loved spanking her. Overall one of the best submissive experiences ever. Carrie is absolute perfection.

  • 2011-11-03

    Carrie was gorgeous when i met her, sitting on her bed in some very sexy lingerie, just wanted to dive straight in. But she was great and took her time talking me through what i wanted to try for my first role-play/spanking experience.
    I decided on the classic naughty schoolgirl visits headmasters’ office scenario, she looked stunning in her uniform and soon my hand was experiencing that great bum which has recieved such top reports. First go at spanking and enjoyed it so much Carrie puts you at ease! not rushed for one minute, what a brilliant time!!!!

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